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 How does the application work? 

 Application requirement: 


Vehicles manufactured up to 1984 can apply in the Regularity category. The reference point is the implementation year of the Target Bavaria Rallye (TBR): The cars can be 40 years and older: This means for TBR 2024: all cars built up to 1984. A proof of the car age is requested.

The Driver must have an EU approved driving license, long sleeve and helmets in DIN standard are required for the driver and Co driver on race tracks and special stages.


Cars from the VHC period C/D (pre-war) to G/H/I meaning from 1919 to 1981 can apply, as far as these cars have a valid Historic Technical Pass (HTP) or a national equivalent. 

Drivers and Co Drivers both must have an EU approved driving license and a historic racing license (License C/D Historic), fireproof racing suits and underwear as well as helmets to the standards.

 There are 2 steps to perform: 



Complete the application form on the home page to  register for the Rally.

Once we received your application you will get all informations concerning the Target Bavaria Rally with an overview of the fees and extras in addition to the entry form.



The entry form asks for information about you, your co pilote and your vehicle. Thanks for filling it in. In addition you can choose your extras (single rooms, superior rooms, support crew accomodation, etc.) 

Having done so your application fee is calculated. Once you paid the fee, the requirements for your participation are met



Click below to open the application form

You have questions about the application?

Contact us and we will help you

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